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Looking for 3D animation Calgary?  Electric Media has been providing Calgary with exceptional 3D animation, 3D Rendering, 3D product visualization and media development for over 20 years. We can build photoreal conceptual 3D product stills from a napkin sketch, create custom 3D explainer animations and craft attention grabbing videos to build engagement on social media.

Our newest product offering – 3D Holographic Fan Content Creation.  Contact us for more information about 3D holographic displays and how we can make your trade show or in-office display the absolute envy of your peers.

We are in the business of turning great ideas into engaging market solutions that generate real ROI.  If you are looking to add that “WOW” factor to your marketing efforts, call us at 403.809.3795

Watch our Calgary 3D Animation and videography demo reel now to see what we can do for you!

We offer the following services:

3D Architectural Visualization for Calgary and Area

Optional lighting highlights the mood and ambiance of a space, showcasing how an environment looks in a variety of conditions.

Calgary Archvis for Canmore Build

We work with builders and architects during the design of a project to provide photoreal images to help determine lighting and finishes.

3D Architectural Visualization (Archvis) is a cost effective way to visualize how an interior space or building will look while still in development or construction.  The 3D visualization process is often used to determine how the structure effects the space, shadows or lighting of surrounding buildings and how it will interact with neighboring geography.

Photoreal 3D makes it possible to “try before you buy”.  Complete customization of lighting, fixtures, finishes and trim is produced on the fly, offering a realistic representation of the space before the first blueprint for construction is ever produced.

The exciting development of new technology now allows us to create interactive, photorealistic virtual environments in real time,  providing resellers a cost effective means to build a virtual design center kiosk or web application, allowing the consumer to configure any option available and see the results immediately.

3D Product Visualization

Calgary 3D - Product VisualizationElectric Media specializes in 3D Product Visualization.  From Black and White outlines to photorealistic 3D Photos, we are able to take any idea and turn it into a 3D form factor that can be used to market your product while still in development to breathtaking 3D stills for tradeshows and wall art.

Oil and Gas 3D animation
3D Oil and Gas Animation

3D Oil and Gas Animation Highlighting New Technology

Viscosity Explainer Animation

Viscosity Explainer Animation Produced for Conoco Philips

For over 20 years Electric Media has been providing the Calgary energy sector with exceptional quality downhole tool oilfield 3D animations.  Oil and Gas 3D animations can be used as “explainers” teaching users about important concepts and features or for marketing, providing a low cost, high quality means of capitalizing on engagement with your target audience.

Photorealistic 3D Visualization
Calgary 3D Visualization - KWAT Tool

Photorealistic 3D Visualization – KWAT Tool

When your 3D product visualization requires the absolute best in detail, look no further.  Provide us with a CAD file of your engineered product and leave the rest to us.  We can re-create any environment from a virtual studio to the great outdoors, providing a photoreal render of your product in real world applications.

Special Effects and CG Compositing

Take a healthy scoop of awesome and add a dash of sizzle.  Greenscreen videography allows the placment any subject into any environment, real or virtual.  Any product can be “blended” with a video backdrop to explain its real world applications.  At Electric Media, we have the experience and know how to blow your competition away with some seriously stellar video.

Green Screen Composite of live action on a virtual set.

Green Screen Composite of live action on a virtual set.

3D Compositing

Composite of 3D animation on background footage.

3D Holographic Fan Displays
3D Holographic Fans

3D Holographic Fans

Holographic fans are one of the newer (and cooler) marketing tools available.  A fan with LED lights creates a “3D Display” as it rotates.  We will develop all the content you would ever need to completely dazzle your clients and customers.  Watch this video to see just how cool this tech really is:

Digital Stadium LED Content Creation
Dodge LED King of the Turf Contest

Dodge LED King of the Turf Contest

For over a decade, Electric Media has been creating high quality LED Content for stadiums across Alberta.  From the Calgary Saddledome to Edmonton’s Rogers Place, our content has dazzled fans from hockey games to concerts.

Below are samples of our work:

Dodge King of the Turf
Calling All Weekend Warriors
Best Holiday Ever Event


Additional Products and Services
  • Video Wall Content Creation
  • Digital Signage Content Creation
  • TradeShow Displays
  • Aerial Photography and Videography
  • Videography and Video Editing
  • Animated PowerPoint Presentations
  • E-Learning Presentations
  • Audio & Video Production / Engineering
  • Website Design and Development

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Since 1999, we have maintained a tradition of providing innovative media products that engage the senses. A keen eye for design with common sense solutions, we are a design firm with the resources, skills and moxie to tackle your project head-on.

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We are happy to provide resources to help with your 3D project.  The following links will get you started on your 3D journey.


Free3D Models:

3D City Maps for Architectural 3D Visualization:

Adobe MIXAMO to animate 3D Characters:

Grab CAD free CAD models: